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Sleep Well and Citrus soaps are part of the Aopthecary Aromatic range and thus are free from synthetic fragrance. 

Mer des Antilles Soap is part to the scented bath and body care range and contains fragrance.

All the soaps contain a high level of glycerine to keep your skin smooth and free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.


Sleep Well Soap: A soothing aroma that will help you to relax and have a good night sleep.


Citrus Soap: The citrus scent will turn your morning shower routine into an uplifting experience, making you ready to start the day


Mer des Anitlles Soap: Transparent like the pristine water of the Carbibbean sea, the soap features the delicate and refreshing Mer des Antilles scent - our signature fragrance. Imagine yourself taking a dip in the beautiful Caribbean sea.


Each soap has an approx. weight of ~ 60g.



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