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Rhum des Mers

Rhum des Mers


Experience the Essence of the French West Indies.

Indulge in the luxurious and exotic scent of Rhum des Mers, a unique perfume that encapsulates the adventurous and bold seascapes of Guadeloupe. This scent includes authentic white rum from Guadeloupe and evokes the spirit of island adventure.



Fragrance Profile:

Top Notes: Bright and invigorating, capturing the fresh breeze and crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Heart Notes: A harmonious blend evoking the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of Guadeloupe.

Base Notes: Rich and warm, featuring authentic white rum from Guadeloupe.



Key Features:

Exclusivity and Luxury: Each bottle is made to order, ensuring a bespoke experience that reflects the highest standards of artisanal craftsmanship.

Premium Ingredients: Utilizing rare and high-quality ingredients like authentic Guadeloupean white rum and premium vanilla absolute.

Inspired by Nature: A fragrance that transports you to the enchanting seascapes of the French West Indies, embodying the exotic beauty and cultural richness of Guadeloupe.



Product Details:

Volume: 15 or 30ml

Packaging: Housed in a sophisticated bottle with a hand painted detail, designed with premium materials that reflect the luxurious nature of the fragrance.

Sustainability: Committed to eco-friendly practices, with sustainable ingredient sourcing and environmentally conscious packaging.


About the Creator: Dr. Fania Bajot, born in France with deep ties to Guadeloupe, combines her scientific expertise and passion for the Caribbean to create fragrances that are both luxurious and unique. With a Ph.D. in science, Dr. Bajot ensures that each Ô Sablé product meets the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

Made to Order: Rhum des Mers is available exclusively as a made-to-order product, highlighting its bespoke nature and ensuring that each bottle is crafted with the utmost care and precision.

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