Floral Cuff


Hand made in UK, the Floral cuffs are inspired by the pistil and stamen of the flowers.


A modern elegance to elevate an outfit.



Bracelet Size
  • The Story

    Inspired by the pistil and stamen of the flowers, the thin floral cuff features a series of delicate crystals laid down on a satin base.

    12 mm width.

    The large Floral Cuffs are unique pieces. Inspired by the pistil and stamen of the flowers, the vegan bio-material corozo is used to create a base for beautiful crystals representing the anthers, a part of the stamen of flowers.

    Cuff width is approx. 20mm

  • Components

    Thin Floral Cuff: brass metal, satin and crystal. 12mm width

    Large Floral Cuff: brass metal, corozo and crystal. 20mm width for the cuff

  • How to Care

    This product is handcrafted with care. Raw brass naturally oxidizes and will have a patina over time. We recommend not wearing the cuff in the shower, the sea and while exercising or to bed. Store your jewellery in its original pouch.
    Raw brass is an alloy that acquires a patina over time. This particularity brings to each piece a touch of originality. The colour ranges from golden yellow to brown.

  • Delivery

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