HOMME is a new section of Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport specialising in Male Grooming. Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport HOMME is a private members' group like no other.


  • Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport HOMME specialises in Male Grooming, enjoy exclusive formulations created for you:  beard oils, face treatments, hair and body care products, and more.
  • Up to 50% on our e-shop (TI-RENNE, Ô SABLÉ and Fania B products).
  • Access to personalisation, special offers and more.


How does it work?


  • Quarterly, you will receive a  discovery sets featuring our exclusive formulations specially created for you. Each Discovery Set includes a set of 4 full size products exclusively created for members
  • Shop members-only beauty products
  • Personalisation
  • and more...


Our 1st Discovery Set contains:

The 1st Discovery Set includes 2 formulations of beard oils.

Level L: Light and quickly absorbed.

Level T: a thicker beard oil

Dark Citrus beard oil: Level T
Nouveau Jour beard oil: Level L
Dark Citrus Face and Body Wash
Dark Citrus Body Moisturiser.


Dispatched in mid-august.


2nd Discovery Set: Exotic wood

'Exotic Woods' is the name of our next set of products exclusively formulated for our clients.

Sandalwood, cinnamon, ginger notes are merged to create 2 beautiful scents. Discover them in the beard oils, a body moisturiser and a face and body wash and other surprises.


Dispatched in November

Contact us at info@osable.com for more details.


    Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport is a private group of clients who are entitled to the folllowing benefits:

    • Exclusive formulations for members only
    • Personalisation
    • Special offers


    • We can’t offer you a refund or exchange on Discovery Sets and  gifts you will receive during the year.
    • A member has a right to resign before the end of its yearly membership. Note that the yearly membership fee is not refundable and a membership can’t be transferred to someone else without our consent.

    Free Delivery on Discovery Sets.

    We will charge shipping costs for orders of additional products

  • F.A.Q

    What will I receive?

    Each trimester (so 4 times a year), you will receive a set of products at no addtional costs.  As a VIP client, you can also request the personalisation of some products.

    How long will I be a VIP client for?

    You will be a VIP client for 1 year.

    Can my friends benefit from the VIP offer?

    Just drop us an email to info@osable.com with your friend's name and contact. We will review the application.

    Can I pass my VIP membership to someone else?
    This offer is specially for you but you will be able to pass your membership to someone else. Please contact us with contact details of the new recipient of the VIP membership.

    I am based out of UK, can I be a VIP member?

    Yes, we currently have members in Paris and Switzerland. Keep in mind that you may need to pay for shipping and custom duty when placing special orders.

  • Terms and Conditions of VIP passport

    All members are entitled to follow the Terms & Conditions set by O SABLE FRANCE LTD:

    1. Members of Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport must be over 18 years to take part of membership benefits and attend events.

    2. The one-off annual registration-fees of £165-£1,000 (depending of the offer) (Homme: £165, Regular: £250, VIP-S £1,000) are for individuals/professionals and are non-refundable. Business/corporate memberships start at £500.

    3. Membership is by invitation only.

    4. Payment is to be made via bank transfer, visa or debit card, or cash.

    5. Members of Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport will have access to offers from our partners.

    6. The yearly fee is not inclusive of Ô SABLÉ products and events costs. Complimentary Ô SABLÉ products will be offer at the discretion of O SABLE FRANCE LTD.

    7. Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport offers will be communicated by email or post. Members should inform our team of any change of their contact details by sending an email to info@osable.com.

    8. Cancellations of pre-ordered products must be notified within 7 days after the date of purchase prior to get a full refund. Pre-ordered products can’t be refund after 7 days following their purchase.

    9. Members are not allowed to act as resellers of Ô SABLÉ products, i.e. to buy and resale or distribute Ô SABLÉ products for commercial purposes. O SABLE FRANCE LTD has the right to limit the number of units of products pre-ordered per members. Contact us if you would like to have a business/corporate membership or be a stockist

    10. Members attending an Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport event are responsible for their own transport.

    11. If an Ô SABLÉ event is cancelled or postponed, members will be notified within 2 days prior to the event.

    12. Cancellations of attendees to Ô SABLÉ events must be notified by email to info@osable.com within 2 days prior to the event for members to get a full refund. This is applicable to all events.

    13. Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport reserves the right to terminate membership if members act unprofessional or violates any terms of this agreement.

    14. A member has a right to resign before the end of its yearly membership. Note that the yearly membership fee is not refundable and a membership can’t be transferred to someone else.

    15. Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport reserves the right to remove members who misbehave at events, and do not respect the Clubs policy.



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