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Pivoting my business

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Transforming the business during the pandemic

After the long months of lockdown and rain and pain, I'd like to believe that moments of love, peace and happiness will flourish for all of you.

Since the commercial launch of Ô SABLÉ beauty products in 2017, I have show-cased my products through at least 8 pop-up events.

In January 2020, the business was gaining momentum with special events scheduled for wear shops in the UK.

However, the pandemic and the series of lockdowns have forced me to cancel those events.

So I have taken the time to think, create and explore other avenues to bring you more tropical luxury.

For instance, I took the time to investigate the calabash (Crescentia cujete L.), a bio-material that originates from South America. I will give more details on the results of this project on a separate post.

Here are some examples of the products I have created during the series of lockdowns.

TI-RENNE male grooming

TI-RENNE range has started with an unscented soothing oil to be used after shaving. I have now expanded the range and formulated a series of men’s cosmetics and a collection of beard care to help condition a variety of beard hair.

Each formula can be scented with 7 proprietory tropical scents created to

offer an olfactive escape to the French West Indies.

Level L is light watery texture best for a thin beard whereas Level T is best for a thick beard and an afro-beard.

Our tropical scents are: Apothecary Aromatic, Ylang Ylang, Archipelago, Surrender to No.6, Dark Citrus, Pure Citrus and Mer & Sea.

Email at for more information about the TI-RENNE products.

Fashion jewellery and lifestyle items

My vision for the business has always included some fashion jewellery and lifestyle items.

Fania B is a natural prolongation of Ô SABLÉ and TI-RENNE tropical universes.

The lockdowns were the opportunity for an extensive design exercise.

Pendants, bracelets, mugs, cushions, home fragrances, I designed more than one hundred pieces. It will take time to add them to the website, so I brought them together in a high end printed catalogue available to order here.

For the collection of handbags my goal was to bring my tropical artworks to life on timeless luxury handbags shapes such as tote, bucket and crossbody bags. The process involved printing the artwork on the material using modern digital printing methods, then cut and stitched the bags. I have partnered with top artisans in London to create the beautiful Fania B handbags, visible here.

For more information about the handbags, feel free to send us an email at

Handbags summer collection

Pivoting the business has resulted in a company for which science, techs and design are combined to deliver unique beauty products and lifestyle items. If you are a member of Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport you can still login to the VIP section to enjoy our exclusive offers and the sneak peek inside the science and techs behind our products.

Discover my world of tropical luxury with Ô SABLÉ, Fania B, TI-RENNE, 3 brands that I created for you.

Kind regards,

Fania Bajot, PhD

Founder and Director

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