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From idea to reality!

What is separating the thought, the idea, the dream your hold in your mind to its realisation and physical existence ? How did I turn my thought and idea of creating a beauty brand that will honor my French Caribbean heritage into real physical products that you can touch and use.? How did I created the business?

Besides the actions of studying and researching the beauty business sector and, constantly learning and improving my skills, I needed more than my own dedication and passion to fuel this enterpreneurial journey. In fact, no business can exist without customers and early supporters. So, you, by buying an Ô SABLÉ, TI-RENNE or Fania B products, has contributed to the launch and the development of Ô SABLÉ.

I am grateful for your support and your appreciation of my creations and services🙏.

The Ô SABLÉ badge of honour is featured on our marketing material.

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