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From Guadeloupe to Bali

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

I am really pleased to announce that I have joined forces with an excellent Indonesian supplier of coffee in UK and Europe to create beautiful coffee scrubs that will soften your skin and support the Deaf and Mute Community of Bengkale Bali.

Formulated with Indonesian coffee, the body scrub will be complemented by a luxury gift set featuring the body scrub, coffee and beautiful Tenun Bali (woven materials) made by the Deaf and Mute Community of Bengkale Bali.

The body scrubs will be available in two strengths, regular (best for hard skin and men) and soft (best for ladies).

100% naturally-derived ingredients - No added fragrance - Free from essential oils - Suitable for vegans.

You can order now your body scrubs on:

Ô SABLÉ e-shop:


Body Scrubs: £25 per unit

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