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Discovery Set No.4!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Detox, Coffee and Cinnamon

At the core of the VIP Passport is the chance to indulge in a tropical and luxurious experience with Ô SABLÉ’s premium beauty products.

As a VIP member, you can have the opportunity to discover something new and be treated with exclusive products, some of which only VIP members will ever experience.

Discovery Set No.4

  • TI-RENNE Detoxifying Coffee Scrub:

The natural scrubbing particles will gently exfoliate and smooth your skin. Best for dry skin of men, this scrub contains tropical oils to keep your skin moisturised.

This products is made of 100% naturally-derived ingredients.

Exfoliate - Rejuvenate - Moisturise

Did you know that formerly, coffee was a major culture in Guadeloupe?

  • Ô SABLÉ Detox Mask

A unique clay sourced from South America. Best for normal, oily and combination skin types, you can create a fresh rejuvenate mask by adding water to the clay.

  • Cinnamon Scented Oil

A touch of exotic and spicy scent for an escape to the French West Indies.

More infos: vip section

This product will be dispatch to all members of Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport in January 2019.

The Cinnamon Scent is a Limited Edition is currently a members-only product. It has been exclusively created in small batch for Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport.

Our Discovery Sets are complimentary for VIP Passport members.

If you are not a member of Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport and would like to join, please contact us at:

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