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COVID-19 Crisis

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Support the Homeless

We are living in a tough world, and with the current Covid-19 crisis, it is even more difficult for the more vulnerable. Everybody has his own battle and difficulties in life, but during this lockdown period, most of us on social media, have a roof above our head and daily food, and some of us enjoy going online and discovering new hobbies- like cooking, gardening, etc.

But what about the situation of the homeless during the lockdown?

I wanted to help as much as I could. So, I am proposing that 70% of the sales of some of my creations will go to Crisis UK. Crisis UK is a UK charity. Crisis offers year-round education, employment, housing and well-being services from various centres in the UK. People who are homeless are hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak. But together we can ensure the provision of vital care for vulnerable people. Here are the list of products that will support Crisis UK: - Fania B Rococo Boudoir bracelet: 70% of sales to go to Crisis UK. - Fania B Pride and Prejudice Pendant: 70% of sales to go to Crisis UK - All other Ô SABLÉ, Fania B or TI-RENNE products: 10% of sales to go to Crisis UK.

I have also created some protective masks (non-medical).

Hand-sewed in cotton fabric, it will be the new way to stay safe and fashionable for your regular visits to your grocery store. Masks will be included for free with any order over £65 on our e-shop.

Thank you!

Dr Fania Bajot, PhD

Founder & Director

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