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Clean the sea!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

We love the sea and we love the beach!

However, the environmental impact generated by the modern lifestyle is massive and has led to the oceans being polluted by solid and liquid waste at differing but substantial concentrations.

The presence of these pollutants can affect the marine-ecosystem at various levels, endangering some marine species and impacting human health and well-being.

Therefore, this year, we have decided to support an organisation that is committed to drive positive change towards clean seas and marine-ecosystems.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup physically removes millions (kg) of plastic from the ocean each year and these are the types of actions that Ô SABLÉ would like to support.

We are offering a percentage of our sales to support Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

Each time you will see their logo on our products (Ô SABLÉ, Fania B and Ti-Renne), this means that the sale of those products will support this organisation.

To know more about Big Blue Ocean Cleanup and their actions, please visit:

To discover all the Ô SABLÉ, Fania B and Ti-Renne products that will support Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, visit:

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