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A Set of 3 Exclusive Soaps for a Tropical Escape

“3 soaps, 3 experiences. I hope that you will love this new Discovery Set.” Fania, founder of Ô SABLÉ.

At the core of the VIP Passport is the chance to indulge in a tropical and luxurious experience with Ô SABLÉ’s premium beauty products.

As a VIP member, you can have the opportunity to discover something new and be treated with exlusive products, some of which only VIP members will ever experience.

Following on from our last offers which included the complimentary Lip Balm and the first Discovery Set, our next VIP Passport offer will have a focus on soaps.

Discovery Set No.2

  • Exfoliating Soap: If you have not already experienced the softness of this soap from our social project, you will have a chance to discover this soap within this Discovery Set. Handmade specially for you by a small community of women in Burkina Faso, the Exfoliating Soap contains baobab leaves and shea butter. Free from plastic microbeads and rich in shea butter, the soap does not dry the skin. You can read the full story about this social project here.

  • Citrus Soap: The soap is the perfect complement to the Citrus Moisturising & Soothing Oil (TI-RENNE). The citrus scent will turn your morning shower routine into an uplifting experience, making you ready to start the day. The soap contains essential oils and a high level of glycerine to keep your skin smooth.

  • Mer des Antilles Soap: Transparent like the pristine water of the Carbibbean sea, the soap features the delicate and refreshing Mer des Antilles scent - our signature fragrance. Imagine yourself taking a dip in the beautiful Caribbean sea.


Love the Mer des Antilles Bath Soak

Adore the Mer des Antilles Soap


Ô SABLÉ perfumed soap

All our soaps are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Our Discovery Sets are complimentary for VIP Passport members.

If you are not a member of Ô SABLÉ VIP Passport and would like to join, please contact us at:

The Citrus and Mer des Antilles soaps are currently only available for members. If you are a member login to the VIP section for more details about these two soaps.

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