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Cultured freshwater pearl. 

Stud earrings [more infos]

Simple Heart.jpg

A tropical luxury.

Simple Heart pendant [more infos].

Double Jeu Poudré.JPG

Pendant hand carved in a bio-material  [more infos].

Fania B - Double Jeu Vert Tropical.jpg

Pendant hand carved in a bio-material . Double Jeu Vert Tropical

[more infos].

Bleu Mer-12.jpg

'Bleu Mer' necklace.

[more infos].

Bleu Mer by Fania B.JPG

'Bleu Mer' bracelet.

[more infos].

Sleep Well.JPG

Sleep Well gift set [more infos].

Mer des Antilles gift set.JPG

Mer des Antilles gift set.

[more infos].

TI-RENNE Body Oil for men.jpg

Unique gifts for men [more infos].

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