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Tropical luxury backed by science

Led by a scientist with 20 years of experience in research, Ô SABLÉ is the epitome of tropical luxury. Our premium beauty products include an exclusive collection of unscented and scented products for men and women.


Born in France with a background in Guadeloupe, Dr Fania Bajot has a PhD in Sciences from University of Geneva. She is an expert in computational chemistry and computational toxicology and has worked in various industries in UK. Passionate about science and cosmetics since her childhood, she has decided to follow her desire to set up her own range of body care and skincare.

She has first set up Ô SABLÉ, then Exotic Matter, Niche Creator, a boutique organisation that formulates and creates personal cares and lifestyle products

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The Approach

I am combining scientific expertise with my French Caribbean background to formulate premium cosmetics which are unique, innovative and customisable, selecting the very best natural and naturally-derived ingredients to ensure the quality of our products, their safety and their respect of the environment.

In a beauty market full of brands claiming to be natural and/or organic, some "natural" products are only partly made of naturally-derived or organic ingredients, and this can be misleading. Also, naturally-derived ingredients can be obtained following several processes, from simple cold-press to more elaborate techniques involving the use of chemicals or not.

As a result, I decided to create 3 categories of products to bring more transparency and allow customers to understand the content of our products.

Apothecary, Apothecary & Aromatic and Scented Bath & Body Care

In addition to the benefits of bio-ingredients, their impacts on the environment and the local communities have also been taken into account, my aim being to create awareness about the endless resources of the Caribbean and South America.

Animal Testing

None of our products are tested on animals. While animal testing has been banned in UK and EU, some countries do conduct tests on animals, our position is to not use naturally-derived ingredients that currently undergo animal testing.

For the scented range of products, the fragrance ingredients are carefully selected by considering their mode of productions.

I like to create each product from formulation to packaging, made in the UK, my formulations are unique and can be personalised to suit the individual requirements of my customers.”

Dr Fania Bajot, PhD


"We don't need to be big to start helping others"

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Made in the UK | Not tested on animal
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